Shout Outs

I want to give a shout out to:ROSA, i love u

fuck errybody else on here

Mom, Dad (RIP we miss you), Chris (next stop, MLS), The Pitts, The Williams's, Lucy & Chrissy, that 202 Mob (Casper, Shaq, E, Tu, Ric, Locksmith, K-Dogg, D.B.) Amine, Kirby, Carla AKA Thug Honey, Kyela, Kimi, Monique AKA Pinky, Will (check your email man), Mansour (keep busting those A's dog), Chris "Pretty Boy" Calloway, Gideon, Crazy Marc, 13th & Long, Sweet Latisha, Wilson High School Class of '98, 96-97 Wilson HS Football Team, Eastern HS Band (best band in D.C.), Howard University, Ndinelao, Nelao, Northwest D.C., Rachael the Dancehall Queen, Georgia Ave., SW, NE, SE, MD, VA, Carla & Pumpkin, Carlita, Lo-Lo, Bi-Bi, LPC (Teras Twins, Mike, Jon), Teya AKA Legs, my cousin Lisa, D.C. Mafia, Sweet Shani (thanks for everything, you coming to get this CD or what?), Makeda, BKNY, Mike Luv, Seth, Jay-Double, Brad, The 'Stead, Mo (don't fake, you know you like that go-go), Big O, Mel, Malik Sigma Psi, Glen (spreading that go-go overseas, huh man), Damon (that funk site is tight dog), Sweet Nae-Nae, DJ Exclusive, DJ M&M, DJ Flexx, Go-Go Rudy, Footz & Lil Footz (R.I.P.), Go-Go Live, PA Palace, Kato (keep up the good work at TMOTT Go-Go), Tigger (Go-Go 95 be crankin), Viper Crew, Icy Ice, Tiffany, Joi, Jamie, Karissa & Trice, Tamika AKA Lil Krayzie, Cheryl & Patricia (what are yall up to these days?), Micaela (so what do you think?), Reggie, Pietro & Giovanni (send me some pics), A.C. up in Canada, Northeast Groovers (them bamas be CRANKIN!), BYB, Dangerous Youngins, RE, PE, OP Tribe, the original JYB, UCB, Raw Image, Huck-A-Bucks, High Image, Young Bucks, Mystikal, The Answer, E. Smith (best running back in the NFL), 2Pac & Biggie (R.I.P.), Westside, Eastside, Southside, "thug girls" everywhere, and all my soldias out there...
* Keep It Real Yall *

If you don't see your name it means that I forgot to put it on here, my bad, but don't sweat it. Holla at me if you want a shout out:

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