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There's a music scene that's been going on for a long time, and most people don't even know about it. It's called go go music, and the beat goes on in Washington D.C. We went there to find out what it is that makes go go, go.

What makes go go so special? The Huckabucks, who are the youngest addition to the go go music scene, say it's more 'hyper.': "It's like a blend of rap jazz, and reggae, a little bit of blues and r&b, congas, drums and tambourines."

A lot of people say go go music is a lot of fun and excitement and it makes you feel good. Or at least that's what the folks in D.C. say. There, go go's been going for nearly fifteen years. And while the scene has spread to other East Coast spots in Virginia, Maryland and New York, the heart and soul of go go is right here in Washington.

Ken More is a go go producer. "Go go is an African rhythmic music that involves chanting back and forth just like in Africa," he explains. "It's a real drum-oriented or percussion-oriented type music, it just has a continuous, ongoing flow. It's not like a record that just stops. It goes from one transition into the next. That's how we came up with the name go go -- it just keeps goin'."

And that's what go go clubs are known for. It's an all night thing that makes D.C. the place to hear go go. Just about every night there's at least one club with go go going on, and some that do it exclusively.

Says one clubgoer, "Once you come to a go go, it's always crowded. It's non-stop music."
"This vibe is totally unique," says another clubgoer. "And here in D.C., I would just describe it as the hypest thing in town."
There are even record shops that sell nothing but go go. Bands with names like Rare Essence, Groovers,Junkyard, and Backyard. And there's the godfather of go go, Chuck Brown. This is music that crosses generations.

"We're around it everyday," says Huckabucks keyboardist Rob Folsom. "We grew up with it. It's been in this city for so long, and it doesn't get as much props as it should get other than around here. But it's kind of like a culture; like a part of our life."

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