Go-Go Albums

Northeast Groovers

Straight From the Basement
Northeast Coming (Double CD) - 'Northeast Rock', 'Booty Call Remix', 'I Roll', plus music from live shows

Backyard Band

Skillet - 'I Heard Its The Bomb', '4 My Smokers', 'Skillet', 'Rock Creek Park'
Hood Related - 'Drop Da Unibomba', '91 Dope Jam', 'Tap, Tap', 'Cease Fire'
We Like it Raw
Real Niggas

Junkyard Band

Go-Hard - 'Tiddy alls', 'Here Come Da Freaks', 'Redrum', 'Go Hard'
JY Reunion
Creepin Thru Da Hoodz
Don't Sleep On Us
Live at Safari Club

Rare Essence
Keep Ya Movin
Body Snatchers - 'Body Snacthers', 'All Da Time', 'Go Down Baby'
Get Your Freak On
We Go On and On -'Overnite Scenario', 'Playa Hata'
Greatest Hits
So What Ya Want?

Pure Elegance

Keep Ya Movin

Duckin The Reeper -
'Mandingo!', 'The Beast'

Ya Betta Move Somethin -'Ya Betta Move Somethin'
Huck-A-Bucks Live - 'The Bud', 'Get Down', 'Its Time'
Chronic Breakdown

OP Tribe

The Awakening

Best of D.C. Go-Go

Album 1: Inner City Groove (Old Skool) - Lil Benny, Chuck Brown, RE, JY...
Album 2: Gimme Dat Beat - Groovers, Back, Junk, Huck-A-Bucks...
Album 3: Always in the Pocket - Back, Northeast, P.E., Huck-A-Bucks, Essence...

Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers
Live '87 (1987)
Bustin Loose (1979)
Hah Man
This is a Journey
Wind Me Up Chuck
Go-Go Swing Live
Greatest Hits

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