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Rare Essence

As one of the oldest bands out there, Rare Essence (a.k.a. R.E. a.k.a. Essence) has been one of the biggest contributors to the go go world. They went from playing on buckets and pans attracting people walking by on the street to bringing hundreds of fans to the Black Hole with songs like: "All Da Time!", "Overnight Scenario", "Body Snatchers" There is no doubt that they are the only go go legends that continue to "work the walls" at their shows.

Band Members: (past & present)

Footz Davidson (drums), Whiteboy (guitar), Funky Ned, Big Horn, Lil Benny, Jas. Funk (rapper/talker), DC, Marky Owens, Bunny, Scotty, Darren Rice Rds, The Maniac, Michael Muse, Donnell Floyd (talker/rapper), Go-Go Mickey congos), Derrick Paige, BJ, JB, Darrin X, Quentin Ivey, Stinky Dink, Bojack (roto toms), Blue-Eyed Darrell (drums), Michael Baker

New Releases

4/9/99 - Deno's Metro Club w/ Dave #32 (formerly of NEG)
3/26/99 - Metro Club (first tape on over a year)
2/15/98 - Best Western Hotel
1/2/98 - Metro Club (featruing Lil Benny)
12/25/97 - Best Western (Christmas throwdown)
Rare Essence Albums