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Junkyard Band

Junkyard Band (a.k.a. Junkyard a.k.a Junk a.k.a. J.Y. a.k.a. J.Y.B.) got there name from finding buckets and old pots and pans from nearby alleys and junkyards to play on.They have played as far as New York & Boston using these pots, buckets and pans. Junkyard played on them until they had enough money to buy some real equipment. In the late 1980's, with the help of their manager Mo Shorter, Junkyard got an album deal with Def-Jam Records where they cut a couple of singles like: "Sardines" and "The Word". Today you can hear hit songs like: "Ruff it Off", "Tiddy Balls!", "Here Come Da Freaks".The breakup of the Junk was a disappointment for all go go fans. Despite the abscence of key members of the original J.Y.B., one of the new bands, J-Mob, still delivers at their shows.

Original Band Members:

Buggs (Lead Rapper), Black Pooh (Rapper/Cow Bell), K-Ci (Rapper/Singer), Lil Mickey (Singer), Demi-Doc (Keyboards), Baker (Keyboards), T-Bob (Multi-purpose), Dre Dog (Drums), Wink-O (Congos/Rotto Toms), Bo Chelly (P.A. Man)

Latest Releases

5/24/98 - Icebox (last tape with original members
5/22/98 - Taj Maehall
5/10/98 - Icebox
5/8/98 - Taj Maehall
5/1/98 - Taj Maehall
Junkyard Band Albums