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When the Huck-A-Bucks came on the scene they had the whole the city rocking to a different style of go-go. They created classic hits like "The Bud" and "Get Down". You can't go to a club that plays go-go and not hear the DJ hit some of their joints. Although they are a very popular band they have spent most of their shows opening up for NEG or Back. They have not yet reached the level that the Groovers or Back is on. Don't get me wrong, the Huck-A-Bucks will rock any party, just wait til they ask that question:

Band Members

Coming Soon

Latest Releases

3/27/98 - IceBox
11/15/97 - IceBox featuring A.J. (60 min)
1/1/97 - The Ibex
12/4/96 - The IBEX
9/21/96 - St. Stevens H.S.

Huck-A-Bucks Albums