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Go-Go Celebrities

Name: Antwoin Glover A.K.A. Big G
Age: 20 something
Band: Backyard Band (lead talker/rapper)
Experience: 10 years
Profile: deep voice, entertains crowd when band isn't playing, exceptional freestyle rapper, has a love for the music and the fans, stresses non-violence

Name: Christian Black A.K.A. Rah
Age: 27
Band: Northeast Groovers (lead talker/rapper)
Experience: 16 years
Profile: knows how to hype up any crowd, versatile on the mic, has a love for the music and its fans, always gives the fans a full show

Coming Soon:
Buggs (J-Mob), Sauce (BYB), Chuck Brown, E. (OP Tribe), Wink-O (JY Band)