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The Major Bands
Northeast Groovers, Backyard Band, the original Junkyard Band, J-Mob, JY Band, Rare Essence, Raw Image, OP Tribe, Huck-A-Bucks, Pure Elegance, Hott Profit, Chance Band, All-N-One

Classic Bands
Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers, Trouble Funk, Hot/Cold/Sweat, Lil Benny & the Masters, Northwest Youngins, E.U., Proper Utensils

Up & Coming Bands

Absolute Chaos, Absolute Band and Show Basic Instinct, Battle Band, Black-Out, Burnt Out Youngins, Certified Funk, Chaos Band, Choice Band, Class, Conspericy, Crucial Band, Crucial Prophecy
Ebiquity Jam, Elevation Band (EB Youngins), First Impression, Eternal Essence, Eubicuam Productions, Exclusive Younguns, Exodus Band (Atlanta, GA)
Hi Image Band, High Performance, High Degree, High Efficiency, High Energy, High Frequency Band, High Intensity, High Intentions, High Prospects
Imtimate Groove, Infinite Sounds, Infiniti Band, Instant Replay, Intensity Band
J-Squad (Junkyard #3), Jig-a-Boo
Last Generation Band, Legacy, Lethal Injection, Livin-4-Life, Lost Generation, Low Profile, Lil Youngins Band (LYB)
Madd Thundda Band, Madness, Maximum Potential, Mighty Peacemakers, MO Wett
Nasty Gang (first coed band), Natural Causes, New Dimension Band, New Groovers, No Mercy Band
Peace Makers, Penetration Band, Precise (all girl band), Perfection Band, Phaze1, Physical Wonder, Plain & Simple, Pleasure Band, Point Blank, Potential Band, Prime Suspects, Proper Soulutions, Pure Supliment
Rather Unique, Redds and the Boys, Raw Assumption, Raw Deal, Raw Dimentions, Raw Intentions, Raw Talent, Reaction Band, Reality, Regency
Shady Groove Band, Sheer Madness, Sheer Performance, Side Show band, Simply Raw, Southeast Sounds, Southstyle, Sudden Death, Sudden Impact
TKO Band, Timberland Groovers, Top Notch, Total Control, Total Dynasty Band, Total Recall, UnCalled 4 Band (UCB), Under Pressure Band, Underground Sound, Unified Funk, Unique Groovers, Up-N-Comin, Uprizin,
Xplicit Band, Young Bucks wit my man LJ, Young Utensity, Young Legacy, Young Legends, Young Prospects, Young Trouble, Youngins On A Mission

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