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The 1999 D.C. Carribean Carnival

Check out the pics from 1999's Carribean Carnival in Washington D.C.
Everyone had a good time during the fun-filled journey down Georgia Ave.

Shaq and Ric chillin with some lovely ladies

K-Dogg with the skinny man pose

I like that costume

Kendell whinin' on Simone

"Whine Pon De Gal!"

Kendell, Kimi & Kirby - Tru Trini's

You know Shaq & Ric had fun

If only I didn't want to get muddy.

Let me spray that thang cuz

"Ride Dee Truck, Ride Dee Truck!"

Bag that Azz Up Gal

Now thats worth getting mud on ya shorts

The Pitt Stop Hip Hop & Reggae