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My fantastic Uncle Bobby is working on his own politically-oriented website, to be located at Check it out in a few months!

Hereís some sample content from this website:

Letís lower income taxes and save the planet!

I believe that, during the next major drop in gas prices, we should phase in a one dollar per gallon increase in the Federal gasoline tax. Environmentalists, 1980 Presidential candidate John Anderson, most other industrialized countries, the influential Economist magazine and the entire 1992 U. S. Senate have all agreed that the U. S. needs a big increase in its gas tax. Simply put, a higher gas tax will ensure that gasoline users bear all the social costs of gasoline used, and that gasoline will not be overconsumed. A higher gas tax will mean more efficient cars, trucks, and sport utes, less suburban sprawl, more people getting around (and losing weight) on bicycles, less dependence on the volatile Middle East and, for you consumers, less traffic.

If higher gas taxes make so much sense, why havenít they been adopted? Basically, we have allowed carmakers, oil companies and highway builders to use their hefty campaign contributions to convince us through our elected representatives that gas taxes mean only one thing, higher prices at the pump. Well, hereís a way to make more rational gas taxes politically palatable.

Letís ask: How should we spend new government tax revenues from a higher gas tax? I say we donít spend the money on more soon-to-be gridlocked freeways, cruise missiles for Serbia, social security reform or even mass transit. I say we refund gas tax dollars to all American taxpayers (except the richest fifteen percent) in the form of lower income or payroll tax rates. We could even provide gas stamps for hardship cases. Over time, the beautiful invisible hand of our market economy will adjust to these corrected tax incentives. We will all enjoy the benefits of greatly improved transportation options. Best of all, those of use who donít overconsume gasoline will enjoy an overall tax cut!

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